tamed loque killed krush. 1 Like. I asked in /general every time I log in if anyone has seen any of the rare's and all I ever get back are cricket's, so this may be the only info I get to try and dial in on the King's spawn time. Only one of them can be roaming at a time and the spawn times are about 3 hours. Who doesn't love having the rarest of rare mounts, and on top of that, a good challenge getting one? As with all the other rare elites of Northrend, King Krush has a 3 - 6 hour spawn time. There are a couple of basic methods for finding him, camping and circling. On my blog you will find comprehensive information on where to find notable rare spawns and unique hunter pets along with some of my own experience looking for them. As with all the other rare elites of Northrend, King Krush has a 3 - 6 hour spawn time. Our booster will monitor the pet spawn locations to catch and tame a rare pet for you. The number is generally 4-5 characters long, and follows just after npc=. - King Krush -Aotona ... since there are 2 locations with 2 spawn points next to eachother its up to you to chose the most efficient place to camp. He has quite a few different spawn locations as well as large pathing radius's. This may be related to Loque'nahak being a neutral mob, while King Krush is hostile. ETA: 2-5 days. He is one of three rares located in this zone, all of which are unique tamable hunter pets. Like other Northrend rares, he also drops Abandoned Adventurer's Satchel, which generally contains about 20 gold, a full stack of frostweave cloth, and often times a few crystallized elements. ^-^, Voidtalon of the Dark Star & Edge of Reality Spawn Locations, Silverpine Forest Rare Spawns - Including Tamable 5.1 Rares, How to get the Long-Forgotten Hippogryph Mount, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License, He is unfortunately part of the Frostbitten Achievement, way to go Blizz I didn't want to kill him. When disposed of, he drops King’s Eyesocket, a blue ring. Our booster will monitor the pet spawn locations to catch and tame a rare pet for you. I'm guessing he has an 8-12 hour spawn timer like Ghostcrawler but I can't confirm that since I didn't know the time he was last killed/tamed. King Krush spawned for me several dozens of yards away at The Maker’s Reach (northwest spawn point) (was a tiny thing when my _NPCScan went off) and he had spawned beside Shango. King Mosh is a rather challenging rare elite devilsaur who wanders the western section of Un'Goro. OP, Feel free to camp there for 12 hours if you have the time, but here's how I tamed Loque twice, and helped two hunter friends tame Loque, Krush and Aotona. Loque'nahak is an extremely rare level 76 elite spirit beast found at seven various places in Sholazar Basin. Since he is so noticeable you will not need a macro in order to find him, just good eyes. D: I've been camping him for like two days and asking in general in sholazar and nobodies even seen him. King Krush can spawn at exactly the same time as Loque'nahak, meaning the spawn is not mutually exclusive. Technically if everybody used this addon nobody would ever need to search / wait for a spawn again for that rare pet, cause the more people use it the more usefull it will become. Loque'nahak and King Krush do NOT share a timer, but each seems to respawn roughly 8.5 hours after they were last killed or tamed. i had king krush and loque spawn at exact same time and spot. I had no interest in him (only Krush and Aotona) so I usually had him trigger when I did a Krush lap. /tar Aeonaxx. Just tamed King Krush, 10.20PM (PST) Boulderfist US server. This will help you be more on the ball when looking for him. as i proved gamefaqs wrong with pictures etc. He can be found in Sholazar basin patrolling in three different locations which are indicated in red on the map below. While I've gotten Loque for myself and a friend. If you have Herbalism or Mining, you can make quite a profit while waiting for Loque’Nahak to show up. Requirements: – Account Sharing; – 120 level Hunter; #1 Unread post by Moore » Thu Dec 16, 2010 12:37 pm Since he can potentially spawn right next to Nesingwarys camp will the guards kill him? He has seven spawn points mostly along the ring that surrounds the zone. He can be found in the Storm Peaks in several different locations which are ... King Krush unique-skinned level 75 rare green Devilsaur with approximately 42.5k hp. I tamed Aotona after about an hour or searching and Loque in a minute 2nd day. Rare mobs are mobs that usually appear infrequently, as they have long respawn timers; many also drop at least uncommon loot. Options and Rewards: – Aotona – Arcturis – Gondria – King Krush – Loquenahak – Skoll. He is the mate of Har'koa, who is in Zul'Drak. Which is a great location since one of my favorite farming locations is there! He can be found in the middle of Sholazar Basin in several different locations in the forest above and around River's Heart. which is a level 74 bind on equip ring with a random enchant. Anyway, my question is -- does anyone know if Aotona's spawn timer is in any way linked to King Krush's? Multiboxing was used to monitor every single Loque/Ao spawn location, Krush has too many of them so we flew around every spawn point every 2 minutes. I recommend searching each of the 4 different paths/spawn areas every 10 - 15 minutes. Welcome all! He is one of three rare spawns located in this zone, all of which are unique tamable hunter pets. King Krush question (GOT HIM!) the rares can spawn at same time. The other two rares are, Unfortunately for all of the hunters out there looking to tame him, he. His respawn time is six to twelve hours from the time of tame/kill. I have no idea what the spawn times are but he spawned tonight at 11:31pm. If you had join other LFR it might zone you out and the timer might change. When patch 5.1 hit, Silverpine Forest saw the addition of five new tamable rare beasts. Shanda the Spinner: 4-6 hours For example, there will be at least 2 hours from the corpse despawn of a Vyragosa until the next possible spawn. Which is a great location since one of my favorite farming locations is there! For information on rare mobs in dungeons refer to the specific dungeon for more info. lucky i know. Day 6: A fellow hunter who encountered this rare beast told me his initial attempts to tame the beast were unsuccessful because it would fear him before the tame completes. Despite his toughness, King Mosh's loot leaves quite a bit to be desired. Kokina-shadowmoon 13 June 2019 18:08 #2. King Krush, a Devilsaur patrolling the Wildgrowth Madrigal and the southern area of Sholazar, is a hard to kill Silver Elite. The spawn rate i cannot really relate to any comments you may see on other sites because after realising i need to check for Loque and Krush to see if they are up, i went to the Northern most spawn (53:24) for Loque and he was there at 2:30am .. then found Krush around South Eastern edge (65:78) at 3:00am .. then Aotona at the location above at 3:30am. Day 1: I just dinged level 80 and I heard about this new rare Devilsaur pet called King Krush.He’s the only green devilsaur.