This Voter's Guide was created as a tool to help friends and members of NO RECOMMENDATIONS Councilmember Seat 1 X X NAFAPAC when completing their absentee ballots or voting in person. Public Figure. Juan Carlos Bermudez. Accordingly, I decline to strike Rodriguez’s request for punitive damages at this time. Political Organization. The Assembly of the Cuban Resistance (ACR - Asamblea de la Resistencia Cubana) is a coalition of human rights, pro-democracy, and pro-liberty groups inside and outside Cuba. Political Organization. § 1983. JC Bermudez and Sandra Ruiz served on the dais together in 2009. He was re-elected as Mayor of Doral in 2016. 33, is DENIED. Oscar Puig Councilmember Seat 3 For / Por 114 4. Ruiz, remember, led the charge to change the name of JC Bermudez Park to Doral Central Park. During this period, Defendant-Appellee Juan Carlos Bermudez served as Doral's mayor. Political Organization. Additionally, Rodriguez alleges that the FDLE ultimately concluded that Defendant Mayor Juan Carlos Bermudez was responsible for Rodriguez’s termination, and he targeted Rodriguez because of Rodriguez’s relationship with Councilwoman Sandra Ruiz, one of Bermudez’s political enemies.1 Rodriguez brings this action pursuant to 42 U.S.C. Bermudez vs Ruiz is just such a natural conflict. Juan Carlos “JC” Bermudez is the founding Mayor of the City of Doral and served in that capacity for the first 9 1/2 years of the city’s existence. Partido Obrero Trenque Lauquen. Rafael Pineyro. Juan Carlos “JC” Bermudez. Victor Camara. Miguel Pallarols. Juan Carlos "JC"Bermudez Mayor For / Por 107 3. The alleged removal of posters of political rivals could result in a violation of political campaign laws in the state of Florida. Emmanuel “Manny” Sarmiento. DONE and ORDERED in chambers at Miami, Florida, this 30th day of September 2013. JUAN CARLOS BERMUDEZ: It was an honor to get his endorsement on behalf of the Venezuelan community. Politician. Frente de Izquierda de Esteban Echeverría - Partido Obrero. IV. Juan Carlos Bermúdez allegedly used his influence to petition Miami-Dade teams to remove and destroy the ads for candidates Víctor Cámara and Rafael Piñeyro. Carlos Moya. This is a longtime rivalry from when they served on the dais together. Rodriguez asserts that Bermudez and Diaz were “political enemies.” In support of this contention, Rodriguez notes that Ruiz is a Democrat, while Bermudez is a Republican. Doral Councilmember, Seat 3: Alberto Chavez. Estudiantes al Frente CRUB. Political Party. CONCLUSION For the reasons provided, it is ORDERED and ADJUDGED that Defendant Juan Carlos Bermudez’s Motion to Dismiss Plaintiff’s Complaint, ECF No. Their members are signatories of the "Agreement for Democracy in Cuba" drafted in 1998, and “My Signature for my Dignity” in 2020. Although Cancio endorsed Juan Carlos Bermudez, the City of Doral's first elected Mayor, as his replacement on the Community Council, Bermudez declined the offer, ran for the seat and was elected. Politician. Doral Councilmember, Seat 1: Claudia Mariaca. ALFREDO ORTEGA: I'm Venezuelan-American supporting a Cuban-American for mayor of Doral.
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