Make a sentence from vale - 18195592 1. They motored back down the hill across the cane-green meadows of Brandon, 25. Vale do Rio Doce to a group led by steelmaker Cia. The loftiest mountains in South Wales, extending from Herefordshire and Monmouthshire (where their eastern spurs form the Hatteral Hills) in a southeasterly direction into Carmarthenshire, completely encircle the county on the east and south except for the break formed by the Vale of Usk at Crickhowell. It is situated in the narrow vale of the river Creedy near its junction with the Exe, between two steep hills, and is divided into two parts, the east or old town and the west or new town. Log in. Something marshy in the fogs of the wide, 15. It lies in the flat valley of the Thames, on the west (right) bank, where the small river Ock flows in from the Vale of White Horse. Many believe that the ancient well in Glastonbury, Somerset, located in the Vale of Avalon between Glastonbury Tor and Chalice Hill, is a place of great power, holiness and healing. It owes its origin almost entirely to the cotton printing and bleaching works of the vicinity, for which there is an abundant supply of excellent water, and contains one of the largest of the Turkey-red dyeing establishments in the Vale of Leven. Soccer: Parky hails young guns soccer: Parky hails young guns Soccer: Liam's happy with points Soccer: Port Vale 0-1 Colchester.. . The house is situated at the head of the beautiful vale of Dacre, down which it commands an extensive and delightful prospect. It was the way into death's dark vale, if ever there was one. HiNative is a global Q&A platform where you can ask people from all over the world questions about language and culture. Vale do Rio Doce, the state-run mining company. They have a large selection of Mana songs including Angel de Amor, Me Vale, Dejame Entrar, Vivir Sin Aire and many, many more. A canal connecting the tidal part of the river Neath with the mouth of the Tawb, made in 1789, was in 1824 connected with the Vale of Neath canal by means of an aqueduct across the Neath river, when also a small dock, Port Tennant (so named after its owner) or Salthouse Dock, was made near the east pier, and this continued to be used till 1880. I couldn't go last time coz LAP were coming up from Manchester to play the Vale the same night. Last year the government turned down a more ambitious National Coal Board proposal for three mines in and around the, 20. 3. the Vale of the White Horse. The children picked wildflowers and played in the wide vale between their cottage and the mountains. Take a break and relax in the tranquil surroundings of an 80 acre non working farm in the heart of the Vale of Clwyd. a general industry, [Manufacturing Industries] and South Welsh districts; the Great Western and the Taff Vale (South Welsh), with the Great Central, Lancashire & Yorkshire and Great Northern systems. spendth Wales DAY THREE - Monday Today will be spent exploring the beautiful Vale of Glamorgan. At Cambridge he obtained fossil shells from the Pleistocene deposit at Barnwell; in the Vale of Wardour he discovered in Purbeck Beds the isopod named by Milne-Edwards Archaeoniscus Brodiei; in Buckinghamshire he described the outliers of Purbeck and Portland Beds; and in the Vale of Gloucester the Lias and Oolites claimed his attention. HARZBURG, a town of Germany, in the duchy of Brunswick, beautifully situated in a deep and well-wooded vale at the north foot of the Harz Mountains, at the terminus of the BrunswickHarzburg railway, 5 m. By far the larger portion of Wales is purely agricultural in character, and much of the valley land is particularly fertile, notably the Vale of Glamorgan, the Vale of Clwyd and the valleys of the Towy, the Teifi, the Usk and the Wye, which have long been celebrated for their rich pastures. Make a sentence from vale Get the answers you need, now! The Swansea Canal and that of the Vale of Neath have also their northern terminal within the county, at Ystradgynlais and Abernant respectively. McLaren Vale - McLaren Vale produces what is considered the most consistent wine in South Australia. There are also limestone and fireclay, firebrick and cement works, chiefly on the northern outcrop of the carboniferous limestone, as at Abernant in the Vale of Neath and at Penwyllt. aienlongchari aienlongchari 09.06.2020 English Primary School +5 pts. Vale is a global mining company, transforming natural resources into prosperity and sustainable development. 71. Join now. vale country and agricultural land, often he could only see crops of corn around him. All Rights Reserved. To the north-east of the Dinaric Alps extends a region of mountain, moor and forest, with deeply sunk alluvial basins, which finally expand into the lowlands of the Posavina, or Vale of the Save, forming the southernmost fringe of the Hungarian Alfold. of Talgarth, and commands the mountain pass to Crickhowell and the eastern part of the vale of Usk. 0 1 2. Too often the brown, barren, sun-scorched ridges are obscured in the yellow dust haze which drifts upwards from the plains; too often the whole perspective of hill and vale is blotted out in the grey mists that sweep in soft, resistless columns against these southern slopes, to be condensed and precipitated in ceaseless, monotonous rainfall. From her position in the tall oak tree, Lydia could see the deep vale that almost resembled an empty pond between two large hills. The Vale of Glamorgan railway (which is worked by the Barry company and has a junction with the Great Western railway at Bridgend) affords a direct route to Barry from the Llynvi, Ogmore and Garw coalfields. Note There are 2 vowel letters and 2 consonant letters in the word vale. Fox Creek Vineyards and Winery are situated in the McLaren Vale District, Some of the loveliest scenery of South Wales lies within reach of Llandilo, which stands nearly in the centre of the Vale of Towy. Or, if it fall, it blasts the labor 'd vale, And spares the barren summit! Vale definition: A vale is a valley . How to use vale in a sentence. Paulus Orosius argues that the world has always been a vale of tears. They do not represent the opinions of Chamfer's easy confidence, and benign but firm manner, had often kept the peace in the Westside and Barrow, 18. Because of the consistent growing conditions in Australia's McLaren Vale, the wine is remarkably consistent from vintage to vintage. Log in. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. to express their farewells, but a simple, "Goodbye!" vale of tears - we don't have to dwell there. It arose as a consequence of the Norman conquest and settlement of the, 28. vale - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. A new Small Holdings Act (1907) for England was passed; the Trades Disputes Act (1906) removed the position of trades unions from the controversy excited over the Taff Vale decision; Mr LloydGeorge's Patents Act (1907) and Merchant Shipping Act (1906) were welcomed by the tariff reformers as embodying their own policy; a long-standing debate was closed by the passing of the Deceased Wife's Sister Act (1907); and acts for establishing a public trustee, a court of criminal appeal, a system of probation for juvenile offenders, and a census of production, were passed in 1907. Top Answer. 71+2 sentence examples: 1. DICTIONARY.COM; THESAURUS.COM; MEANINGS. It is pleasantly situated on the river Mole, in a sheltered vale near the base of Box Hill. Answered Make a sentence from vale 1 See answer It pursues a winding course in a northerly direction, and after passing the manufacturing town of Hof, flows amid well-wooded hills until it reaches the pleasant vale of Saalberg. Cardiff is also the terminus of both the Taff Vale and the Rhymney railways, the latter affording the London & North-Western railway access to the town. Vale do Rio Doce valued at $ 2.62 billion. Her works consist chiefly of religious fiction, such as The Vale of Cedars (1850) and Home Influence (1847). Over 100,000 English translations of Spanish words and phrases. Examples of Valor in a sentence. 'This vale of tears'is a metaphor for the human condition. V is 22th, A is 1st, L is 12th, E is 5th, Letter of Alphabet series. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Standing in the fertile district of the Vale of Mowbray, the town has an extensive agricultural trade. : The forms of common worship are sufficient to all the joys and sorrows that befall us in this vale of tears. Join now. See Victoria County History: Yorkshire; William Grainge, The Vale of Mowbray: a historical and topographical account of Thirsk and its neighbourhood (1859). Vale do Rio Doce translates to Valley of the Sweet River. Middlesbrough striker Bernie Slaven yesterday joined second division promotion-chasers Port, 19. Premium Shiraz grapes are pulled in from McLaren Vale, Coonawarra, Barossa Valley, Padthaway, and the Robe-all the best spots in Australia. Now hills and vale s no more distinction know, And levelled nature lies oppressed below. Sentence pairs containing vale translated in English and Spanish. The Pennine Chain has always separated the traffic from south to north into an east coast route through the Vale of York, and a west coast route by the Lancashire plain. vale synonyms, vale pronunciation, vale translation, English dictionary definition of vale. The distinction between the low grounds of the Jurassic belt and the Chalk country is not always very apparent on the surface, and from the historic point of view it is important to recognize the individuality of the Eastern plain which extends from the Vale of York across the Humber and the Wash into Essex. Real sentences showing how to use Vale, vale correctly. desert dunes are also present, particularly in the Vale of Eden. Its station is a terminus on the Barry railway, which starts at Hafod in the Rhondda Valley, where it joins the Taff Vale railway, having also junctions with the same line for Aberdare and Merthyr at Treforest, and for Cardiff and Penarth at Cogan, and with the Great Western main line at Peterstone and St Fagans. Log in. This video is unavailable. dreamland cottage peacefully sits on a dairy farm in the scenic Golden Vale. Lazonby Hall, the residence of General Peter Maclean, is situated opposite to Kirkoswald, overlooking the vale of the Eden. Watch Queue Queue For many years, the World outside the Vale was desolate, laid waste by the armies of the Night. 3. Or, if it fall, it blasts the labor 'd vale, And spares the barren summit ! Large quantities of "sulphur ore" were, however, formerly worked in the Vale of Avoca, Co. Not far off are the Doone Valley, part of the vale of the East Lyn, here called Badgeworthy water, once the stronghold of a notorious band of robbers and famous through R. On account of its commanding position at the head of the fertile vale of Towy, Llandovery was a strategic site of some importance in the middle ages. Headquartered in Brazil and present in about 30 countries, we employ approximately 125,000 people between direct employees and permanent contractors. The valley is always broad, and especially from Warwick downward, through the Vale of Evesham, the scenery is very beautiful, the rich valley being flanked by the bold Cotteswold Hills on the south and by the wooded slopes of the Arden district of Warwickshire on the north. BERKELEY, a market town of Gloucestershire, England, near the river Severn, in that portion of its valley known as the Vale of Berkeley, on a branch from the Midland railway. On an eminence east-south-east of Argostoli are the ruins of the ancient Cranii, and Lixouri is close to or upon those of Pale; while on the other side of the island are the remains of Samos on the bay of the same name, of Proni or Pronni, farther south above the vale of Rakli and its blossoming oleanders, and of an unknown city near the village of Scala. The youthful immigrants who swelled the population were attracted not only from the. vale of years, could have been here to see. Vale do Rio Doce won't benefit the two steelmakers. Perhaps, with their Ebbw Vale experience, some of the younger members will want to field a rugger team ! Watch Queue Queue. We all know what next occurred-and here we all are, in this, 30. Lawrence, The Vale of Kashmir (Oxford, 1895); Captain Vaughan, " Persia," vol. From Esslingen the Neckar becomes broader and deeper and its valley very picturesque, and after passing Cannstatt, from which point it is navigable for small craft, it flows through vine-clad hills by the pleasant village of Marbach, Schiller's birthplace, receives at Besigheim the waters of its most considerable tributary, the Enz, swirls down by Lauffen, and enters the beautiful vale of Heilbronn. 100 examples: The landscape is principally granite moorland in the west, and chalk and… See Bastet, Histoire de la vale et de la principaute d'Orange (Orange 1856). The name, Cluain mealla, signifies the Vale of Honey. The low ridges of the Sierra de Perija do not wholly shut out these moisture-laden winds, but they cause a heavy rainfall on their eastern slopes, and create a dry area on their western flanks, of which the Vale of Upar is an example. The Barry line from Barry dock joins the Great Western and Taff Vale railways at Cardiff, and the Cardiff Railway Company (which owns all the docks) has a line from Pontypridd via Llanishen to the docks. Wiki User Answered . Thessaly was said to have been a lake until he opened a way for the waters through the Vale of Tempe (Herodotus vii. MEANINGS. At Streatham Vale there was very bit ice-skating rink where I used to go with my boyfriend to watch the ice hockey. The "Golden Vale" in Munster, which stretches from Cashel in Tipperary to near Limerick, probably forms the most fertile part of the country. See examples of Vale, vale. tranquil surroundings of an 80 acre non working farm in the heart of the Vale of Clwyd. What is the meaning of vale? Schmidt, Elsass and Lothringen (Leip., 1859); Spach, Histoire de la basse Alsace et de la vale de Strasbourg (Stras., 1860); von Miillenheim Rechberg, Die Annexion des Elsass durch Frankreich and Rilckblick auf die Verwaltung des Landes, 1648-1697 (Stras., 1897); Du Prel, Die deutsche Verwaltung in Elsass, 1870-1879 (Stras., 1879); L. The rich lowlands, between the Downs and the Forest Ridges to the south (which themselves extend into Kent), watered by the upper Medway and its feeders, are called the Vale of Kent, and fall within the district well known under the name of the Weald. 2013-08-19 14:59:47 2013-08-19 14:59:47. Capital Mansion House, situated in a beautiful park commanding extensive beautiful views over the picturesque vale of the Stour. nearly the whole of Radnorshire; east Flint, including the neighbouring districts of Ruabon and Wrexham in Denbighshire; east Brecknock; east Montgomery; south Pembroke, with the adjoining district of Laugharne in Carmarthenshire; and the districts of Gower, Vale of Glamorgan and Cardiff in south Glamorgan. The vale list of example sentences with vale. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. The ruin of the ancient moated castle of Codnor stands, overlooking the vale of the Erewash, on land which was once Codnor Park,, and is now the site of large ironworks. The line then descends to Wrynose Pass (1270 ft.), from which the Duddon runs south through a vale of peculiar richness in its lower parts; while the range continues south to culminate in the Old Man of Coniston (2633) with the splendid Dow Crags above Goats Water. we have tried our best to include every possible word combination of a … : The world is the theater of God's activity and a place of soul-making rather than simply an unhappy vale of tears. 34. Vales synonyms, Vales pronunciation, Vales translation, English dictionary definition of Vales. 37. English Translation of “vale” | The official Collins Spanish-English Dictionary online. The ' white gate ' belonged to Vale Royal abbey, once the largest Cistercian abbey in England. Someone sits in a mountain Vale A robe of clouds, rainbows for tassels The fragrant forest is the place to live The road has been long and difficult With a heart full of doubt and regret A life has passed and nothing has been accomplished Others call it failure I stand alone devoted to this Cold Mountain life. The Neath Canal, from the upper part of the Vale of Neath to Briton Ferry (13 m.) passes through the town, which is also connected with Swansea by another canal. Find examples of how to use any word or phrase in a sentence with our powerful sentence generator. Example sentences from the Web for vale. Over 1000 riders cycled 100 miles around the, 11. 2 people chose this as the best definition of vale: Vale is a shortened form... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. ridges of glacial moraine toward the outer margins of the vale. The "Vale of Quillota," through which the railway passes between Valparaiso and Santiago, is celebrated for its gardens. Sentence Examples We've scoured the vales and villages, clifftops and coves in search of the best rental properties in the land. What is the definition of vale? vale landscapes are centered along the coast. Ben Riggs is the winemaker at Australia's acclaimed Penny's Hill in the McLaren Vale. 1. She thought of that sad time in her life as a metaphorical vale of tears. 4. The site sits at the west end of the Vale of Pewsey with a commanding view across the flat plain stretching westwards from Devizes. Between these lie such depressions as Cwm Glas (blue or green vale) to the N., and Cwm y Ilan (clearing, town or church vale) to the S. The produce of the copper and lead mines of the Vale of Avoca is shipped from the port. Clydach Vale has been a traditionally close-knit community and also a politically active one. Shave Cross is a tiny hamlet nestling in the picturesque Marshwood Vale, in the glorious unspoiled countryside of west Dorset. Log in. In 1692 he signed an order for the "extirpation" of the Macdonalds, a small clan in the vale of Glencoe. 33. Vale sentence examples. On the outskirts of town, there is a military cemetery built specifically for those soldiers who exhibited valor in battle. The enemy's 2 From 1737 to 1744 George Schmidt, " The apostle to the Hottentots," had a mission at Genadendal - " The Vale of Grace.". A fine sea mist rolled slowly across the vale, hiding the young woman from prying eyes. The soldier’s valor earned him a medal of honor. Aylesbury Vale District Council had acknowledged our letter, but had not yet sent a substantive reply. will suffice now. The Vale of Neath branch of the same railway and the Rhondda & Swansea Bay railway (now worked by the Great Western) have terminal stations near the docks on the other (eastern) side of the river, as also has the Midland railway from Hereford and Brecon. See more. Lurin and Mala are smaller valleys, but the great vale of Caflete is one green sheet of sugar-cane; and narrow strips of desert separate it from the fertile plain of Chincha, and Chincha from the famous vineyards of Pisco. 7 ‘Mockingbird’ Recap: Conscious Coupling (and Uncoupling) | Andrew Romano | May 19, 2014 | DAILY BEAST. The salt industry, still the staple of several towns lower down the vale of the Weaver, was so important here in the time of Henry VIII. It seemed that recently there had been a rather upsetting event in this heavenly, 22. The merged generic businesses now trade as Evans-Kerfoot(, with main manufacturing facilities at Bardsey, 17. It lies on the right (north) bank of the Avon, in the rich and beautiful Vale of Evesham. Finally, put all of your skills together in submission and vale tudo practice drills. People used to use, "Vale!" She thought of that sad time in her life as a metaphorical vale of tears. I wish indeed that my mother, whose memory I cherish across the vale of years, could have been here to see. As they looked down at the river from the hilltop, the children were amazed by the depth of the vale. In 1858 was opened the Rhymney railway from Rhymney to Caerphilly and on to Taff's Well, whence it had running powers over the Taff Vale railway to Cardiff, but in 1871, by means of a tunnel about 2000 yds. The night wanes slowly from these vales of ours. Dinas clay is found at various places in the Vale of Neath in South Wales, in the form of a loose disintegrated sandstone, which is crushed between rollers, mixed with about i% of lime, and moulded into bricks that are fired in kilns at a very high temperature. Recent Examples on the Web That catapults the company, which develops secure communications via quantum … All Free. Vale in a sentence. 21. Behind every mountain lies a vale. The Taff, the Nedd (with its tributaries the Hepste and the Mellte) and the Tawe, all rise on the south of the Beacon range, and passing through Glamorganshire, flow into the Bristol Channel, the upper reaches of the Nedd and its tributaries in the Vale of Neath being deservedly famous for its scenery. A vale businessman is embarking on a charity transatlantic crossing in a yacht named after the doctor who saved his life. The Vale of Pewsey separates the two main chalk upland blocks. Most of the sentences presented include audio of the sentence in Spanish, which allows you … The Council is working to deliver real improvements to the lives of disabled people in Vale Royal. The river then follows a valley confined between the hills on either side of Oxford, passes the pleasant woods of Nuneham, and at Abingdon (1032) receives the Ock from the Vale of White Horse. .C'ro _.SPrin? 1. The most famous of these is the " Vale of Quillota " between Valparaiso and Santiago. Join now. Steep rocky hills enclose the vale. vale definition: 1. used in the name of some valleys: 2. a valley: 3. used in the name of some valleys: . The Taff Vale decision was a serious blow to trade unionism. Over 1000 riders cycled 100 miles around the Vale of York. The welsh qualifier will take place on Tuesday, 11 July, at Liege Manor Farm Equestrian Center in the Vale of Glamorgan. It is pleasantly situated on a gentle eminence, in a rich pastoral vale to which it gives name, celebrated for its dairies, producing the famous cheese known as "double Gloucester.". The straits of the Jhelum, below Baramulla, probably account for the lovely vale of Kashmir, which is in form (if not in principles of construction) a repetition on grand scale of the Maidan of the Afridi Tirah, where the drainage from the slopes of a great amphitheatre of hills is collected and then arrested by the gorge which marks the outlet to the Bara. How do you use vale in a sentence? settled in a lush vale in the shadow of the mountains. The Trent runs north in the southern half of this plain, the Ouse runs south through the northern half, which is known as the Vale of York, lying low between the Pennine heights on the west and the Yorkshire moors on the east. Most people chose this as the best definition of vales: Plural form of vale.... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. 2. The Fens (q.v. Its a good website for those who are looking for anagrams of a particular word. It is a highly fertile region, is well watered by numerous streams from the Andes, has a moderate rainfall, and forms an agricultural and grazing region of great productiveness. de Potter, Gent van den oudsten tijd tot heden (6 vols., Ghent, 1883-1891); Van Duyse, Gand monumental et pittoresque (Brussels, 1886); de Vlaminck, Les Origines de la vale de Gand (Brussels, 1891); Annales Gandenses, ed. The Hoo Farm offers comfortable accommodation in the beautiful Gloucestershire vale of the river Severn. Wordmaker is a website which tells you how many words you can make out of any given word in english. As part English Partnerships Land Stabilization project Vale Royal Boro Council have been awarded up to £ 30 million to remediate the problem. The pleasant vale of Yewdale drains south to Coniston Lake (51 m. AVOCA, or [[Ovoca, Vale Of]], a mountain glen of county Wicklow, Ireland, in the south-eastern part of the county, formed by the junction of the small rivers Avonmore and Avonbeg, which, rising in the central highlands of the county, form with their united waters the Ovoca river, flowing south and south-east to the Irish Sea at Arklow. South Wales DAY THREE - Monday Today will be spent exploring the beautiful Vale of Glamorgan. 2. Pluquet, in his Essai historique sur la vale de Bayeux (Caen, 1829), was the first to reject this belief, and to connect it with the Conqueror's half-brother Odo, bishop of Bayeux, and this view, which is now accepted, is confirmed by the fact that three of the bishop's followers mentioned in Domesday Book are among the very few named figures on the tapestry. See examples of Vale in Spanish. 1. The coast is cliff-bound and very beautiful both to the north and to the south, while inland the Esk traverses a lovely wooded vale, surrounded by open, high-lying moors. Above the Lower Greensand comes the Gault Clay, which lies in the broad vale south-east of the former and north-west of the Chalk hills. Real sentences showing how to use Vale correctly. It lies on a slight eminence in a fertile tract called the Vale of Aylesbury, which extends northward from the foot of the Chiltern Hills. ), the soil of which has been formed partly by tidal action and partly by the decay of forests, occupy the Isle of Axholme on the north-west, the vale of Ancholme on the north, and most of the country south-east of Lincoln. The Lias floors the valley of the River Avon and the undulating plain running northwards up to Inkberrow and the Vale of Evesham. 4. The Taff Vale line (opened 1846) has a terminus in the town. The Lias thus occupies a vale about 8 or 10 m. Bat-obsessed Vale acts as Bruce's love interest in the film, but the relationship is luke warm and the association between them seems strategically placed for the sole purpose of selling the movie, or filling the need for more conflict. Join now. It's because the landfill disposal site at Stanford in the, 26. Answer. The fine old carved stalls are said to have belonged to Vale Royal Abbey, near Winsford in this county. But they're still completely dependent on the staff at, 16. from Llangollen, through the Glyn Dyfrdwy (Dee Vale). The vale would doubtless rank only as one among the many beautiful glens of the district, but that it has obtained a lasting celebrity through one of the Irish Melodies of the poet Thomas Moore, in which its praises are sung. To this period succeeding the fall of the Roman power is also ascribed the foundation of the many great Celtic monasteries, of which Bangor-Iscoed on the Dee, Bardsey Island, Llancarvan and Llantwit Major in the Vale of Glamorgan, Caerleon-on-Usk. Answered Make a sentence from vale 2 … disenchanted with life, seeking to build a bridge from the " Vale of Tears " to God. Examples of Vale in a sentence. It is sometimes called the " Vale of Chile," and is the richest and most thicklypopulated part of the republic. Today, his walk took him through vale country and agricultural land, often he could only see crops of corn around him. South of Jebel el-Abiac), beneath the main ridge, which as a rule falls away suddenly towards the east, occur several small elevated terraces having a southward slope; among these are the Wadi en-Nusur ("vale of eagles"), and the basin of the lake Yammuna, with its intermittent spring Neb`a el-Arba'in. Define vale. Rowland also took another contract with the GWR to repair landslips in the Vale of the White Horse. It was first used in 1861, and since then has been employed during the hot weather as a health station for the British troops quartered in the hot and malarious vale of Peshawar. Green vales and icy cliffs, all join my hymn. Examples of vales in a sentence: 1. This dim vast vale of tears, vacant and desolate? Sand and gravel quarries are a significant pressure in areas with ridges of glacial moraine toward the outer margins of the vale. The Vale army is under the command of the Knight-Protector of the Vale, to whom all the Knights of the Vale owe fealty.
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