December 09, 2020 Mulesoft Anypoint helps HR Company unify various services into one platform. Featured Case Study. While the roofing industry is old as time and very traditional, part of SRS innovation efforts is focused on a mobile application called Roof Hub. Designing system integration is always a fantastic journey and here are our travel logs. Cloudingo Sees Accelerated Growth And Adoption; Case Study With MuleSoft. Read Post. As a part of the IP warming-up process, they conducted an audit of their current email database to determine the exact volume and source of their bounces. See which companies are customers of MuleSoft. Customer Innovation Spotlight: Citrix. view all case studies MuleSoft’s CloudHub was selected as the integration platform for implementing the new solution. Case Studies; Events; Resources. They are going through digital transformation in enhancing and unifying their customer experience and have several initiatives planned around mobile, smart beacons, IoT and customer analytics. With Anypoint Platform and WHISHWORKS’ integration expertise, Clarks are able to unlock their data, meet their customers on their terms and continue to function effectively as an innovative global shoe manufacturer, retailer and wholesaler. Automation increases efficiency for TPG Global. Case Studies; Webinars; Blog; News; Careers; Contact Us; BIG Life; Search; June 11, 2020. Case Study: Mythical. Systems integration helps Coast Capital Savings improve customer experiences. Challenge Making eCommerce a priority . Developers. The use of bastion hosts, integration with our identity service and auditing capabilities give us a compliant way to access our internal infrastructure. The customer is a leading manufacturer of infant formula both domestically and globally. Mythical is a specialty retailer of apparel and accessories with Mule as their flagship brand. read more . Anypoint Platform connects any application, data and devices through APIs, whether in the cloud or on-premises. How we Enriched an AI-powered Conversational Commerce Chatbot by integrating a myriad of applications and Knowledge Bases . The company’s Anypoint Platform of integration products is designed to tie together Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and on-premises software. Download now. Symphonic Source, a leader in data management and data quality tools and services announced that its Cloudingo, data quality orchestration product for Salesforce is seeing continued growth and momentum. Case Study. 16% decrease in sales time to revenue . Sign in for MuleSoft Training, self-paced and instructor-led courses. Case Study. Today, over 1,000 leading companies across every industry depend on Anypoint Platform to meet digital demands and achieve business outcomes faster. MuleSoft case study. Email Audit The Problem. One of the world’s largest consumer goods providers wanted to find more efficient solutions to deploy new products and services. How we learn technology or even a technique in 2019. MuleSoft case studies. The client operates in over 250 countries, while conducting business in 150 currencies. The client, a large government agency, is responsible for facilitating and managing U.S. international relations. View all case studies. Our MuleSoft Case Studies. After implementation of Salesforce CPQ, MuleSoft was able to streamline the approval process. Analyst report . MuleSoft is a B2B software company that helps customers connect applications, data, and devices across their tech ecosystems. Analysis and design of an integration architecture for a global beverage company. Some of the use cases may not even be a good fit for MuleSoft in your IT ecosystem, which should be carefully vetted with experts. April 2020. SAP CPI vs. MuleSoft vs. Boomi vs. ….. revisited by Girish Bangalore 22. Email Audit. MuleSoft has emerged as one of today’s fastest-growing enterprise software companies. About SRS. Case Study MuleSoft. Company. By prweb On Sep 6, 2020. MuleSoft API lifecycle – Use Case As we already walked through the MuleSoft API lifecycle theory so now it’s time to start with the actual MuleSoft API lifecycle – Use Case. MuleSoft Recognizes Partners for accelerating digital transformation for customers and scaling … Sign up. When they needed a new integration platform, they turned to AVIO Consulting. Read 166 MuleSoft Customer Reviews & Customer References. Thanks to the intersection of our technology and industry expertise, we help clients across multiple verticals achieve new levels of efficiency and cost savings. About What we do Why MuleSoft Careers Leadership Events News Awards. What is ELK? Let’s take another perspective of the question behind the question. Use Cases Security, Monitoring, Cloud Solutions Application Delivery (Load Balancer) Overview . Our customers tend to have one thing in common: they want to move faster––whether it is releasing products quickly, on-boarding clients more efficiently, or delivering on services swiftly. Banking & Finance Case Studies Cloud Software Top Stories United Kingdom. Yanna Winter, CIO, Head of Generali UK IT and Generali Corporate & Commercial IT, tells us how the insurance giant maintains its position as one of the most significant players in the global insurance and financial products market. Client Name SUEZ UK Sector Waste & Recycling Technology MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform™ Outcomes. Data Management Platforms. Summary. Aaron Landgraf. Solution Knowledge Sharing ; Results. Their goal was to roll out a new ecommerce initiative quickly, to engage directly with customers through both digital and in-store channels, and deliver a better customer experience. Our leadership really didn’t even have to know about our migration efforts because it didn’t cost more money or require more staff to do it. Case Study The client: An independent, leading oil production company The problem: The company needed to overhaul its IT delivery system to keep up with the fast growth it was recording and the drastic changes in its business processes that were taking place as a result of the rapid growth. Don’t have an account? Automate and extend MuleSoft flows with just a point-and-click. MuleSoft Testimonials "We have been big believers in the open source model and what it can deliver to users. Before we delve into this case study too much, let’s set the stage. The company now uses a single platform to create file transfer workflows and instantly integrate them to Mule flows using the Thru MFT Connector for MuleSoft. The migration method described in this case study is a “non-event”; it happens in the background over time. MuleSoft increased in strategic media interviews by 100% and increase trade and business coverage by 36% over two years. Alix Pressley | 12 November, 2020. Enhanced visibility; Partner access to information; Increased asset reusability and delivery speed; SUEZ Project Highlights. MuleSoft provides the most widely used integration platform (Mule ESB and CloudHub) for connecting SaaS and enterprise applications in the cloud and on premises. Subscription-based licensing, lightweight solution and ease of use were the primary reasons for deciding in favour of CloudHub over other integration vendors. MuleSoft recently purchased a dedicated IP address in an effort to improve email deliverability. See why Gartner names MuleSoft a Magic Quadrant leader. Knowing the breadth of integrations you need the product for and what they all are is important to understand the number of cores you need and how to use them best. 6 months to launch platform. read more. February 19, 2020. Mulesoft provides integration software for connecting applications, data sources, and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Browse MuleSoft Case Studies, Success Stories, Customer Stories & Customer References. Industry Software & Technology . Mulesoft; Blue Prism; VANTIQ; Solace; Clients. The bank is driving a digital transformation journey to deliver an unified customer experience (CX), at the accelerated speed that their customers expect. Author: Mohammad Mazhar Ansari. Check out a few case studies below. read more . Customer stories Case studies Featured resources Webinars Videos Analyst reports eBooks Whitepapers Infographics Blog Articles See all resources Product Documentation Tutorials. DOWNLOAD CASE STUDY. About; Partners; Careers; Blog; Contact Us; Have any questions? 2 mins 33 sec. Above are all good answers. Headquarters – Washington, DC Industry – Government Agency Employees – 50,000 Annual Budget – Multi-Billions . 0 374. MuleSoft EMEA Growth & Emerging Partner of the Year 2019. Mule represents the ideal combination of lightweight, standards based and robust technology that is the hallmark of open source projects, together with the enterprise-class stability and support that we need to be sure that we can stay up and running 100% of the time." Dedicated IP. Case studies; ASICS; ASICS forges stronger customer relationships through eCommerce. Wells Fargo, one of the largest banks in the world, employs roughly 273,000 team members and serves over 70 million customers across 8,500 locations and 13,000 ATMs. FeaturedCustomers has 943,998+ validated customer references including reviews, case studies, … Case Studies, MuleSoft SRS Distribution Inc. consists of a family of industry-leading, independent roofing distributors. E-Commerce. This is exemplified in the successful … 2.5X faster project delivery. ELK is the acronym for three open source projects: Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana; Elasticsearch is a search and analytics engine. ASICS, a global athletic footwear and apparel company, is on a mission to deliver the highest quality running shoes. At a Glance. We hardly make a buy without comparing. Challenge. Call: +49 6205 3619995. These use cases, approaches and end results from real customers include 92 testimonials & reviews, 51 case studies, success stories, reviews, user stories & customer stories, and 23 customer videos & reviews. 42% efficiency gains. 90% platform engagement . Case Studies; Webinars; News + Events; Resource Center; Contact Us; Logging using ELK for MuleSoft By Apisero | April 13, 2020 | 0 . MuleSoft has customers across industries that are innovating and transforming their digital landscape. Let’s use an example. By gaining access to their entire infrastructure, both legacy and live, SUEZ has increased visibility to billions of lines of data. Watch MuleSoft Customer Videos, Testimonials & Customer References to decide if MuleSoft has the right business software or service for your company. Watch now. Client Profile. Case Studies MuleSoft Global Integration Post Production 24/7 Support V-Soft Labs CASE STUDY Faster resolutions Supplying MuleSoft integration and support resulted in a 99% adherence to defined SLAs, 70% reduction of tickets in queue, 80% reduction in response time, and 75% reduction in resolution time. The research identifies case studies of each trend highlighting how CIOs of leading global companies are starting -- or already driving -- these trends. As a result, there is no deadline for completing the migration because there is no risk running the two sites at the same time. Case Study MuleSoft Improves Channel Sales Performance with Bloomfire . Comparisons are dished out to us every day, everywhere. Read more . Helgi Þorbjörnsson Principal Architect, MuleSoft Read the Mulesoft Case Study “ Teleport allows us to comply with the regulatory hurdles that come with running an international stock exchange. With our help, MuleSoft was able to see successful approvals and have the right people notified at any given time. Share . Digital transformation with MuleSoft. Case Studies; Company. Examples include: The Wall Street Journal; Forbes; CNBC; Bloomberg; Huffington Post; Fortune; Business Insider; CIO; San Francisco Chronicle; Original content drew in over 100,000 views from the first five posts, as well as 2,000+ likes and 700+ content shares. INTEGRATION Quick Tips TechTalk. Requirement – Mobile team come with a requirement that they need an interface which can accept the order placed from the mobile application and can also provide the user’s order details in case they need at any time. October 16 2014.
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