A Polish anti-tank rifle, the Wz. Guide to Chinese Ground Forces 1937-45. Due to the physics of spalling, the size of this spall was larger than the actual rifle caliber, and could theoretically do more damage ricocheting around inside the vehicle than the bullet itself would if it penetrated. Secret Warfare. Unlike contemporary anti-tank rifles, it lacked a pistol grip and fired a bullet with a lead core rather than an armour-piercing round with a hard core. So Boys were mounted initially in the back of 15cwt truck, with the rifle on a ring mount, accuratelly shooting from a good distance and height away, with the round punching two holes into the balloon fabric, taking 15-25 rounds to bring them down in slow release, and then the balloon carcass could be salvaged and repaired for further use. Simultaneous to the development of the ammunition, a young graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology, Józef Maroszek, was ordered to design an anti-tank rifle. Needless to say, there was little application for the thing inside the city limits of Paris, either. As for AT rifles to shoot people, there is a picture in a book about Palestine and Palestinian refugees of Shia militants in the Lebanese Civil War using a PTRS Simonov self-loading 14.5mm AT rifle in Beirut. In case of PTRD it is worth noting that: He did not explain the modification of the scope to be used with the system. The full metal jacket bullet weighed 14.579 g and, due to a high muzzle velocity, was effective even under shallow angles, as instead of ricocheting, the bullet would "stick" to the armour and punch a roughly 20 mm diameter hole. Another of the rifle's cover names was "Uruguay" (Polish: Urugwaj, hence Ur), the country to which the "surveillance equipment" was supposedly being exported. Volume 2: Weapons of the Imperial Japanese Army & Navy Ground Forces. Orbis Publishing, London, 1984 print of 1983 French original. History. Your email address will not be published. It had excellent accuracy, penetration and range, but its size made transportation difficult. Flag images indicative of country of origin and not necessarily the primary operator. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a58b162d9f7bceb81e913daa85149860" );document.getElementById("e3a9a13fa2").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The weapon has a large muzzle brake which is very effective in minimizing recoil. And “sniper tasks” is “a defeat of targets that, due to their properties or location, cannot be hit by other means”? In wars during the XIX century, troopers could feel safe by backing a couple of meters away from musket fire. He went bankrupt and moved to California. The French The Bureau Central de Renseignements et d’Action (Central Bureau of Intelligence and Operations), BCRA, dropped small quantities of all three. Large, immobile targets, that were very hard to miss, and having a great potential for actually exploding when properly hit. If you searching to check on Anti Tank Gx 20 Sniper Rifle And Artom Rpg Are Snipers Rifles price. Commissioned into the Royal Army Ordnance Corps later in 1940, he ended up in the Western Desert, but was brought back to the UK to Command the technical wing workshop of what became 79th Armoured Division. which weighted 12,5 kg and used 7,92×145 mm cartridge see photos: An anti-tank rifle is a rifle designed to penetrate the armour of vehicles, particularly tanks. 1999. The biggest problem with supplying it was the short supply of HE bombs, it must be remembered that the Smoke bomb fired by the 2inch was the basis of UK infantry minor tactics, followed by illuminating bombs, but the Sicily campaign showed the major need for HE, so supplied to Resistance units with specialised roles. When I did in 1979 the Long NBC Warfare Course at Fort Sam Houston,San Antonio, Tx, when the Medical Corps has taken over this role with the (temporary) disbandment of the Chemical Corps, a substantial amount of the classroom training involved the use of such aids. You are right that that is a Disney co-production…, “(…)Cartoons from WWII confused me(…)” What isn’t myth is that the Resistance found no particular use for the Boys rifle. The use of the .55 Boys by the SAS and LRDG in the Western Desert was AFAIK purely in the anti-materiel role. The favorite Resistance dirty trick was to stick a small PE charge behind the right-hand journal box. In 1941 Abyssinia / Ethiopia there is a “ripping yarn” that UK and South African and UK colonial African forces fighting the Italian occupiers would fire a Boys AT rifle at the rocky mountainous firing positions of said Italians and the spall from the heavy AT bullet would shatter the rocks and send them flying as shrapnel. Osprey Weapons No 60, London, 2018. is a very good primer). There are a total of [ 61 ] Anti-Material / Anti-Tank Rifles entries in the Military Factory. He an elder brother of our father’s, and a long service regular from the Great war which he started off as a Army Apprentice. German Wehrmacht, Waffen-SS, Polizei and Italian Army, Soviet Army, British Army, Local Fighting Groups. A supply truck full of ammunition tends to be the primary victim, with a rather unfortunate hostile Fearless Leader talking to the truck driver falling victim to the subsequent fireworks. It could penetrate all lightly armored vehicles in any range. It looked like a regular rifle with a wooden stock only much cartoons, one should watch all the Private Snafu cartoons too. The Boys was retained by LRDG because it could be mounted on the Chevrolet (Canada) 20 cwt truck (India pattern) in place of a Lewis Gun. The Mauser 13 mm anti-tank rifle (German: Tankgewehr M1918, usually abbreviated T-Gewehr) is the world's first anti-tank rifle —the first rifle designed for the sole purpose of destroying armored targets—and the only anti-tank rifle to see service in World War I. And the Boys’ ammunition types included an Armour-Piercing Incendiary round in addition to the standard steel-core AP “shot”. SOE’S Secret Weapons Centre – Station 12. But this did not give the ability to work on pinpointing at least a kilometer. There’s no need for shame. Also, back to the Warner Brothers cartoons: In addition to the wartime Bugs Bunny and Daffy the Commando Duck and various anti-Axis–even pro-Soviet! The SAS “borrowed” Boys rifles from the LRDG, and used them for night attacks on things like airfields, ammo dumps, and especially fuel dumps. Enjoy what you read on Forgotten Weapons? They can take out sensitive equipment. All sorts of stuff I wish I’d taken pictures of over there…. The Norwegian Armed Forces Museum holds several specimens of the Wz. The guns are made with CW base with some ATOW stuff for the attachements. This does not contradict Ian because these are essentially resurrected AT rifles used against light vehicles and equipment. Post war he made quite a bit of his wealth in the developement in the 1950’s of audio-visual sequences as a cheaper form that ‘film’ cartoons using the newly developed portable (well sort of) deck in sequence with the also new portable slide projector. By 1942 they were mounted inside Avro Anson’s or Dragon Rapides both very stable fliers due to their wing construction, The Boys was fired from within the aircraft. Calculated kinetic energy, by shot, before brake was about 11,850 J. The film mentioned that it’s effective range was “300 yards” and there’s mention of waiting until the enemy tank gets closer. It deals armor piercing damage, capable of inflicting substantial damage to armored vehicles like Light Tanks, Half-tracks and the Landing APC.While it is decent against unarmored vehicles it is not effective against buildings. Hard cover, dustjacket, 185p., drawings. The AT stands for Anti-Tank. In one particular series Neville Chamberlain rejects Hitler’s final demand that lands be given to Germany, and instead declares war. Have you any sources to support this? https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%9F%D0%A2%D0%A0%D0%94. It used by the Egyptian Army, the Arab Legion and the Israeli Army in the 1948 war, the latter having success against Syrian operated pre-1939 French tanks. To get the distinct clunk of the .55in round hitting armour he fired a Boys into the closed boiler of a steam traction engine. The round's armor-defeating properties were not through penetration, i.e. The rifle never saw service with the Allies, however. Entries are listed below in alphanumeric order (1-to-Z). Each infantry company and cavalry squadron was to be equipped with three rifles, each operated by a team of two soldiers. it was made Warner Brothers? However, this drawback was soon corrected and the final prototype could fire approximately 300 shots. Please consider, https://www.valka.cz/CZK-ZK-382-protitankova-puska-t25401, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lkc2yAaU3CY, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_World_War_II_short_films, https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%9F%D0%A2%D0%A0%D0%94, https://www.forgottenweapons.com/book-review-desert-sniper-by-ed-nash/. The weapon was usually fired from prone supported position with the bipod attached to the barrel. Courtesy of PGM Precision USA, we have a chance to take a look at a Hecate II sniper rifle today. Swedish K: The Carl Gustav m/45B and the Port Said. The Wz. Helion, Stroud, 2016. with success in China, Burma and the Islands. © 2020 Forgotten Weapons.Site developed by Cardinal Acres Web Development. The rifles were kept in closed wooden crates, each marked with a number and a notice do not open; surveillance equipment. It had iron sights fixed for a 300-meter range. To bad they didn’t have one of these awesome muzzle brakes available today which turns the recoil of a 50cal browning MACHINEGUN into a quite manageable push. [citation needed] The German Army recaptured some of these rifles after the Italian armistice and designated them as PzB 770 (i).[2]. Flag images indicative of country of origin and not necessarily the primary operator. The SAS, not being stupid, considered a couple of .55 API rounds fired from 500 yards out on a moonlit night into things like parked, fueled fighters, fuel bowsers, and stacks of drums full of gasoline to be a more practical method of “materiel destruction” than sneaking in to stick incendiary time pencils into things. [3], In 1941, Germany transferred PzB 35 (p) to the Italian armed forces[2], which used them in combat under the designation Fucile Controcarro 35(P) until the end of World War II. PTRD is considered fit if 3 or more from 4 shots result in hits inside circle with diameter 22 cm The anti-tank rifle followed the same route: a large b… …and then through the manholes. The Anti-Tank Rifle (ATR) is an elongated weapon that is effective at suppressing armored vehicle attacks. It was a single-shot weapon which fired a 14.5×114 mm round. Albeit it is stagnant trench warfare which would be more suited for a heavy rifle(…)” NESS Leland, Bin Shih. I apologize for neglecting the sighting system. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lkc2yAaU3CY But there is zero record of any use of the Boy’s and using it in either of the two types of airfield raids, the Jeep borne smash and grab, other demolition by small team stealth. – firing prone, rested on bi-pod Additional anti-tank teams were to be created at a later stage. The usefulness of rifles for this purpose ran from the introduction of tanks in World War I and until the Korean War. to attack HMS Brave Borderer in Waterford in 1965. So today, I figured I’d take a few minutes to explain the various reasons why…starting with why Carlos Hathcock’s scoped M2 Browning was not the same thing and does not apply to this question. [2], Hungary confiscated some of these guns from Polish forces withdrawn into the Magyar land. While an anti-tank rifle is NOT a sniper rifle, it still offers extreme velocity and decent range. The PTRD-41 was an anti-tank rifle produced and used from early 1941 by the Soviet Red Army during World War II. In the late 1920s the Polish General Staff started the development of a light anti-tank weapon for the Polish infantry. Since they use second hand barrels and surplus ammunition I doubt their accuracy is much greater than “minute of technical” but they seem to fill a need. https://naboje.org/node/9065 The Arms and Techniques of the Resistance. By only destroying right-hand ones, the Germans couldn’t take two undamaged opposite side boxes from two different locos to get one back in service. Tech Level 6 100 Rmats for 15 uses rifle ammo Anti Tank Rifle Early game/ budget anti tank weapon Tech Level 2 100 Bmats for 10 20mm (ammo) 100 Bmats for 20 This does 100 damage BUT it has a 200% damage multiplyer for vehicles so this will be ineffecctive against structures. The anti-tank rifle was born in World War 1 but saw its key evolution during the fighting of World War 2. PTRD is tested in following circumstances: If we talk about “accuracy” in a practical sense, then can this be understood as “confident defeat of the target”? VS of three British soldiers practising with the latest long barrel anti-tank rifle against moving targets on a sand covered range in France. In 1931 Lt. The myth is that the barrels were sawn off to get them into the C type drop container; in fact all you really needed to do was unship that long, rectangular muzzle brake on the MK 1 and the rifle would fit the C His non-stop work in 1943-45 in getting all the specialised variants of the Churchill Tank serving with the 79th Division to work and keep on working. Entries are listed below in alphanumeric order (1-to-Z). Fiction literature is also a culprit. It was about a 50 cal anti vehicle rifle the Govt was considering. This 1942 training film was made in the Disney Studios and by that time the anti-tank rifle was ineffective against medium and heavy tanks. To just add to Mr Cranford’s remarks. Simonov used elements of his 1938 design, a 7.62mm automatic rifle. One is on exhibit in Poland, at Warsaw's Polish Army Museum; another is located in Armament Museum in Poznań Citadel, another is in Museum of the Second World War in Gdańsk, and one is in Australian War Memorial in Canberra. whilst the Japanese use is told of captured weapons in NESS Leland, Bin Shih. The 2 GPMG's from the marksman DLC and the 2 Sniper rifles from the base game are the closest to anti armour, any rifle using 6.5mm and above can break through the glass of an armoured car given enough rounds but it's not advisable unless you're using an LMG of some kind. palmetto95, Surveillance equipment!". Until mobilization in 1939, the combat-ready rifles were held in closed crates marked: "Do not open! However, the WA2000 is a precision sniper rifle chambered for regular rifle ammunition types (versions include 7.62mm NATO, .300 Winchester Magnum, and 7.5mm Swiss), whereas the Anti-Tank Rifle appears to fire much more potent ammunition, perhaps .50 BMG (or bigger). We eventually ran into him and my father (a Mechanical Engineer and a gunsmith) had a long discussion with him. WITH Learn how and when to remove this template message, http://heksan.umcs.lublin.pl/obliczarka/index.php, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Wz._35_anti-tank_rifle&oldid=992487370, Articles lacking in-text citations from May 2012, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2018, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 5 December 2020, at 14:55. Operational orders and after action reports of every single wartime operations, nominal rolls, recommendations for awards and lots of photos, and the price reflected this. The Soviet PTRD 14.5×114mm anti-tank rifle also used a bolt based on the Mauser Gewehr 98 rifle, as this design is legendary for its strength and simplicity and has become the most widely adopted and copied designs of all time. The DEPARTMENT OF NATIONAL DEFENCE The Winchester-Pugsley anti-tank rifle (also known as the Model 1918 .50 caliber high-powered bolt-action swivel gun) was an American developmental anti-tank rifle. It was designated model 35 for its design year, 1935: It was also known by its codename "Uruguay", after that country (kb Urugwaj; or kb Ur) and by the name of its designer, Józef Maroszek(pl). History of the Second World War – SOE in France. The sniper would have required a second weapon for self-defense. At a place I worked in Afghanistan we had a scoped PTRD available. On August 1, 1935, the Committee of Equipment and Armament officially ordered the rifle and in October the first tests of the new weapon commenced. They were quite themselves. Just at that time it never occurred to anyone that an armor-piercing rifle would need to be fired with FRAG ammunition instead of AP. Brandt Mle 1935 60mm Mortier (equivalent of the US M2 60mm). Successful in the Western Desert in the early days against Italian AFVs, but basically it saw more use in sniping as a harassement weapon. What was the aiming system for that, if you recall? Nine Men, only 68 minutes, but, a quite good doco drama. I would urge anyone to see the Disney animated film “Victory through Air Power.”. Discribtion: Anti Tank Rifles are not sniper rifles, they are inaccurate highpowered rifles used to stop light armored vehicles shooting one from the hip or rapid fire will mostly result in missing the target. Q. I remember a piece in some gun mag (maybe American Rifleman) during the Korean War. It was designed by engineer Major Ferenc Földi in Hungary. 35 does not use a hardened penetrater. They performed poorly during the Continuation War and were used for training. Interestingly, Yugoslav partisans liked Boys for attacking trains (both armored and regular), with couple of rounds being able to disable engine boiler. So they qualified as fairly easy targets, even over open sights. And tactically, why would you build and haul one of these specialty tank/truck killers all the way to the line, emplace it, and waste the shot on a man? May 8, 2020 Ian McCollum 22. The history is quite supportive of the Boys in the role that they used it. HMSO, London, 1966. The DS ammunition was originated from the standard 7.92×57mm cartridge as used by both the Mauser rifle 1898 (wz.98) and its Polish variant the Karabinek wz.29. Later, Walt’s best friend, Ub Iwerks, was hired away by competitors by the promise of having Iwerks’ own animation studio. The barrel had a muzzle brake to limit recoil. The Anti-Tank Rifle bears a resemblance to a real rifle: Walther WA2000. I want to point that sniper after doing shot is supposed to be retreat quickly and/or possibly stealthy, so try to imagine doing that with extremely long and unwieldy AT rifle, not to mention muzzle blast and than muzzle brake are often use, so you might except dirt cloud (when used in dry environment). Cartoons from WWII confused me, clearly. The effective range was 300 metres and the weapon was effective against any German tank of the period, including Panzer III and Panzer IV. Not Disney. The committee accepted the new design on November 25, 1935, and in December the Ministry of Military Affairs ordered the delivery of 5 rifles, 5000 cartridges and a set of spare barrels for further tests. What does that have to do with sniping? Also, was that in the Korean War? The anti-tank rifle has evolved into the “anti-material” rifles of today, a category dominated by .50BMG bolt actions and autoloaders like the McMillan TAC-50 and the M107A1. Full title reads: "Anti-Tank Rifle Practice". If you must “waste” your shot on a single man, that shot better hit something that will explode near said man! “they didn’t have one of the new muzzle brakes”(C). note that at 12,5 kg it was lighter than most of WW2-era AT rifles. I understood that the shot was from ridge to ridge. This Canadian Army training film is a good reference on the Boys anti-tank rifle: Not exactly a war winner but one capable of reducing the effectiveness of the enemy. These were considered to be ample to the needs of the Resistance, their HE ammunition was quite plentiful as of their bombs were manufactured for the Germans for use as booby traps. I forgot that in FOOT M.R.D. Tac-50: This Sniper Rifle Can Kill You From Over 2 Miles Away . Initially the barrel could withstand only about 30 shots, after which it had to be replaced with a new one. 35") was a Polish 7.9 mm anti-tank rifle used by the Polish Army during the 1939 Invasion of Poland. The Major said he mounted a spotting scope, not a rifle scope. The Model 35 antitank rifle (Karabin przeciwpancerny wzór 35, abbreviated "kb ppanc wz. The French also used it for harassment work with the mountain divisions raised from the Maquis on Frances Eastern Borders, in a similar way to the Lovat Scouts. They found that it was effective for reactive fire against (for instance) Italian recon units because it could put a bullet pretty much clear through a vehicle’s engine at 400 yards or so. When I was a boy in Eastern PA in the 50’s I would go Groundhog hunting with my father every weekend. The Tac-50 impressed militaries around the world with its startling accuracy, leading … The 26th Cavalry (Philippine Scouts) used the Boys effectively in Bataan in 1942, while the USMC 2nd Raider Battalion had similar results on Guadalcanal. to think that there is ANY thing people haven’t tried in war to kill other people is a naive idea. In France in 1940 he had been the WOI Artificer Sergeant Major of a searchlight regiment, destroying all their heavy equipment, but he took all the very valuable workshop lorries out and took them to Cherbourg getting them evacuated to the UK by sea. “(…)There is a Czech soldier who uses an anti-tank rifle for anti-personnel use sniping officers in second and third line trenches and actually becomes quite infamous, even having a price put on his head. But it was cool to hear him touch it off. German Panzers and Allied Armour in Yugoslavia in World War Two. Disney made hundreds (if not thousands) of training and propaganda films for the US government and for other entities. It’s worth noting that the one piece of actual “artillery” that might have been useful to them, the British 2-inch SBML mortar, was never supplied by SOE; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Two-inch_mortar. i love FPS’s but they do give people are horribly unreal expectation of warfare and weaponry. While they were sorting that out, the British would just drive away. The result was that the bullet would cause spalling on the interior of the armor plate, ideally ejecting an approximately 20mm diameter fragment from the interior surface of the armour at high speed, which would then ricochet around the interior, hopefully killing crew and/or damaging equipment or engines (this is similar in concept to modern HESH anti-tank rounds, albeit less potent). I find in FISHER Richard. The first page was a large picture of Elmer Keith in full recoil after firing it resting on a car. The Lahti L-39 is a Finnish 20 mm anti-tank rifle used during the Second World War. There are a total of [ 10 ] WW2 Anti-Tank Rifles (1939-1945) entries in the Military Factory. – target: white 1 m x 1 m square with black rectangle of height 30 cm and width 20 cm There’s a reason for that–Walt Disney trained most American animators during that period. The teams were trained in secret military facilities just before the war, beginning in July 1939, and had to swear to preserve the secret. After Poland was overrun by Germany and the Soviet Union, large numbers of the weapon were captured. The Imperials also developed an Anti-Tank sniper rifle. Enter your email address to receive notifications of new posts by email. The Lovat Scouts History describes its use in 1944 against German animal pack transport doing resupplies in the Italian mountains, using compass bearings and Trigonometry, to accurately fire the ,55in rounds onto pack animal convoys on the mountain tracks, and it very effective. The tale of the SAS in North Africa using the Boy’s on their airfield raids is a false story put up on WIKIPEDIA. https://www.valka.cz/CZK-ZK-382-protitankova-puska-t25401 “(…)Warner Brothers. AND This in early 1935 and its effectiveness against the then armoured plate in use was superb. By the way, the Germans, if I not mistaken, also loved the Soloturns. An area effect from a single kinetic energy projectile in an AP role. Both were considered simpler and more suitable to wartime production than an updated Rukavishnikov rifle. Firing fragmentation shells at open manholes, or trying to jam a tower or chassis with armor-piercing shells… I think you’ll find a whole bunch of more recent such images from Libya, Syria, Yemen, Kurdistan, Iraq, and perhaps one or another sub-Saharan African conflict. WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS While DIMITRIJECVIC Bojan, with SVACI Dragan. These weapons can efficiently, and at distance, wreck light vehicles. They can set off ordnance. A sniper rifle weighing in at half the Boys firing weight would have been too heavy for mobile warfare. 35 uses a oversize 7.92x107mm cartridge to drive a 225grain/14.6gram bullet at 1275m/s (4180fps). The Panzerbüchse 39 also used an 8mm bullet, but with an out-sized 8mm Mauser cartridge case known as the 7.92x94mm Patronen, and a special tool-steel cored bullet. He told me the fellow was crazy and had a hard time keeping scopes working. IN CO-OPERATION Notify me of follow-up comments by email. We started to hear of a guy going around with an AT rifle (you could buy them through the mail then) mounted on a trailer behind a jeep. They were a considerably more practical way of dealing with tanks, not to mention pillboxes, roadblocks and police stations. But it has everything that opens and closes on the wartime SAS, the war diaries from L Detachment, to those (English version) of the French Regiments and the Belgium SAS Squadron. Helion, Stroud, 2016. tells of the use of the Boys in 1945 very effectively by Nationalist Regular and guerrilla forces.