Next. Dry Fly. Da wurde ihm mitgeteilt, er brauche nur ein Muster – die Chernobyl Ant. This foam monster is one of the best. P-03988.1. Legs: Black round rubber legs. Sie haben mir dann erklärt, dass die Fliege eine Chernobyl Ant ist und nach ihrer Auskunft eine Imitation von Zikaden sei. Previous. Messages 6,478 Reaction score 538. Post navigation. FREE Shipping. Hallo zusammen! The Chernobyl is best suited for heavier water with a little more chop and because of its buoyancy, is a great dry fly to support a dropper nymph. The Fly Fishing Place Chernobyl Ant and Foam Hopper Fly Fishing Flies Assortment - 12 Flies - 2 Each of 6 Trout Bass Flies with Fly Box. Catching Radioactive Fish in Chernobyl. The Wicked Fly Fisher January 21, 2019 Dry Flies. It’s hard to go wrong with a Chernobyl Ant and it doesn’t matter if you’re fishing for trout, bass or blue gill, or whether you’re using it as a primary fly or the hopper part of a hopper-dropper rig. 4.6 out of 5 stars 3. My wife walked back up to the cabin and shortly returned with her rod strung up and asked me for one of "those foam ants." Legs: Medium Round Rubber Legs. Dry fly patterns designed to raise the game. It is more a kind of dry fly / streamer hybrid that floats very high. Cut a strip of each color foam that is … 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. The Chernobyl Ant is a must have in your fly box. Der Chernobyl Ant begegnete Barry zum ersten Mal vor vielen Jahren, während eines Besuchs eines Takle Shop in Toronto, namens Skinner. Bass. Chernobyl Ant. Body: Tan 2 mm foam topped with black 2 mm foam. Mini-Chernobyl Ant. Bindevideo: Chernobyl Ant . Die Chernobyl Ant heißt zwar "Ameise", ist aber keine richtige Ameisenimitation. These things just plain get the job done. They eat them. My arsenal of large foam flies has expanded significantly over the years, but I continue to stock adequate quantities of the old original black Chernobyl ant. Outdoor Planet Chubby Chernobyl Ant Foam Body Trout Fly Fishing Flies | 8 Flies | Trout Bass Pike Flies | Size 8 & 10 & 12 4.5 out of 5 stars 10. Hook: Daiichi 1720 (3xl), 1280 (2xl) or TMC 5212 (2xl), #8 – 4. Damit ich noch dazu lernen … Tags: Fliegenbinden Forelle Bindevideo . Mangels befischbarem Gewässer habe ich mich die Tage mal am Bindetisch an den – zumindest ihrem Ruf nach – Wunderwuzzis, den Chernobyl Ants versucht. Fishing | Fly tying Fly tying: The Chernobyl Ant. Alle Wurfvideos. Designed in 1995 By Allan Woolley and Mark Forslund from the Green River system in Utah… The Chernobyl Ant with its rubber legs has a hypnotic grip on many Salmonidae – a.o also Atlantic Salmon. Black & Red version. World class Fulling Mill fishing flies. TL, Thomas. von mike77 » 03.02.2010, 10:28 . Thread: 6/0 or 140 denier black, tan, or brown. $24.95 $ 24. Hier sind oft sehr große Exemplare (8er) zu sehen. Pinterest . Start the thread behind the eye and wrap back to the bend of the hook. 95. The Chernobyl Ant striped perfect with a nice v-plow — and on my way down the pool a salmon tried to grab the fly on several occasions – When it finally got hold of the fly I let it turn and the fish was hooked instantaneously. The dry occasionally gets eaten, but I’ve always felt that the Chubby was merely a bobber, and sort of a cop-out as a fly. Most often see the Chubby Chernobyl playing the part of the “dry” in a dry/dropper rig, where you tie a buoyant, visible dry at the end of a short, heavy leader, and dangle a beadhead nymph or two below on a dropper. Tying The Chernobyl Ant Step 1 of 14. The Fly Fishing Place Chubby Chernobyl Ant Purple Foam Body Trout Fly Fishing Flies - 4 Flies - Hook Size 10 - Trout and Bass Flies 4.7 out of 5 stars 5. Terrestrial. Normal. Our goal was to scan the bottom and catch some walleye and supersized catfish. May 21, 2018 #1 Had a try with a chernobyl ant at the weekend as a bit of a last ditch effort after nowt else worked and my fly was getting weeded up. Hook: TMC 5263 #4-12. The evolution of a revolutionary fly. That wasn’t the case at the beginning. Chernobyl Ant. Die Chernobyl Ant heißt zwar "Ameise", ist aber keine richtige Ameisenimitation. Hackle: Brown rooster saddle. It's hard to go wrong with a Chernobyl Ant and it doesn't matter if you're fishing for trout, bass or blue gill Wing: Bright colored foam. I typically find the traditional Chernobyl Ants too big for slower water, though I have had a number of nice fish eat them on slow, shady edges of summertime pools. This summer terrestrial fly will be sure to put you into some hungry fish! Facebook. However, in the conditions of lack of clear environmental defence system there exists uncontrolled fishing. FREE Shipping. A thicker thread should be used to prevent cutting the foam while taking wraps. The instant it hit I was hooked up to a beautiful, fat 23" brown. Here is the fly pattern sheet for the Chernobyl Ant. [By Scott Sanchez] A LOT HAS HAPPENED IN FLY FISHING OVER THE LAST 25 YEARS, but the Chernobyl Ant has stood the test of time and, if I may say so, become better with age. Danke! $19.09. $13.95. Alle Produktvideos. Therefore, Chernobyl catfish get into the nets of poachers. Chernobyl Ant – Fly Fishing Flies. Ich meine jetzt allerdings weniger das Binden (den überschaubaren Binde-Schwierigkeitsgrad beweist auch die Video-Anleitung oben), sondern eher das Angeln. Is it a beetle, grasshopper, cricket, or cicada? Had to try it out on todays fishing trip. Service. Don't be afraid to drop this foam fly on the water hard, as that's how the naturals hit the water. Tying The Chernobyl Ant. Neue Farben Fly Scene Thin fly foam / Moosgummi 2,95 € * Art.Nr. Chernobyl Ant 01/15/2020 Photo Album. The Chernobyl Ant ist called "ant", but it has not that much to deal with it. Replicating terrestrials falling from the reeds or trees onto the water. Fakt ist: Die Forellen stehen drauf. Freilich unterliegt das Muster einer extremen Variationsbreite, auch die Größen, in denen die Mutation gefischt wird, schwanken sehr stark. One of the more popular versions is the Chubby Chernobyl, which adds more foam for flotation, as well as some wings made from highly visible and buoyant synthetic yarn. Kann nur zustimmen: Hier auf den Inseln ist Chernobyl Ant sehr beliebt. Trout. Dieses hochschwimmende Schaumstoffmuster ist mehr soetwas wie ein Hybrid zwischen Trockenfliege (geht vielleicht als Steinfliege durch) und Oberflächen-Streamer (könnte auch ein Molch oder ähnliches sein). Chernobyl Ant Recipe. Twitter. As the fishing for Chernobyl diaries fish can finish sadly. Die kleinste Forelle, die ich mit einer 10er CA gehakt habe, war über 25cm lang, obwohl ich eine Reihe Fehlbisse von Kleinforellen beobachten konnte. PASSENDE ARTIKEL. This big terrestrial pattern is both exceptionally buoyant and offers the trout some tantalizing movement as its long rubber legs paddle in the current. Da die Zikaden in den USA aber nur alle 13 oder 17 Jahre in Massen schlüpfen, denke ich eher es ist einfach ein dicker verlockender Brocken mit Gummibeinen, der für den Fisch ein Hopper, Stonefly oder auch eine Zikade sein könnte. 95. Panfish. About The Chernobyl Ant: The Chernobyl Ant is great fun when you smash it on the water along the banks of streams, big trout can’t resist it. Foam. Jetzt hab ich utbe gesehen, daß manche da spezielle Austecher für den Foam benutzen. Ten minutes later I could beach my first “dry fly salmon” about 6.5 kilo- Later in the week, I did more experiments with The Chernobyl Ant. by Chris Hunt July 26, 2017. Don’t be afraid to try this pattern using different colors of foam and legging materials. Materials. Haken: #8 It could be a stonefly but an amphibian also. Kan mir jemand sagen, von wo diese beziehen kann, oder eine Bastelanleitung. Underbody: Olive Krystal Chenille. True to its name, the Chernobyl Ant looks like a mutant terrestrial that crawled from the ashes of the Chernobyl nuclear plant meltdown. Follow along with the July fly-tying pattern. Happy Tying! I told her, "watch this, I’m going to try something silly," and tied on a Chernobyl Ant. The Chernobyl Ant Blog Early June found us fishing a pressured stream in Northern Idaho that has become all to popular with the spin fishermen and fly fishing enthusiasts alike making it … The original Chernobyl Ant was born on Utah’s Green River, and it has spawn many variations. $22.95 $ 22. Chernobyl Ant One of the greatest fly patterns in the world of fly tying. Thread: 3/0 Monocord, black. Besonders an den Forellenp###s, von denen es in England ja unendlich viele gibt, benutzt man diese Fliege viel; aber … How are they best fished ? Dieses hochschwimmende Schaumstoffmuster ist mehr soetwas wie ein Hybrid zwischen Trockenfliege (geht vielleicht als Steinfliege durch) und Oberflächen-Streamer (könnte auch ein Molch oder ähnliches sein). Made entirely of foam, this fly makes a great option to use as the hopper in a hopper dropper setup, but also works great when used alone. Ich wollte mir mal ein paar Chernobyl Ants binden und habe auch geschafft 3 Stück zusammen zu schustern. And don’t even begin to think they only work out west. First, keep in mind that fishing here is heavily restricted, necessary precautions must be taken and you should only attempt it with an experienced guide. We did most of our fishing on the outskirts of the exclusion zone. It’s the best time of year for dry-fly fishers. P-04972.1. Gamakatsu Fliegenhaken F13 statt 4,90 € * ab 4,00 € * Art.Nr. Bin gespannt auf die ersten Erfahrungen. Gruz Michael. For the story of my introduction to this fly review my post of 02/01/2011. Back: 3mm Black Foam and 2 mm Yellow Foam. I cast it out to the middle of the stream and BOOM. Fishing the chernobyl ant ? P-04550. Often economical reasons make local people go fishing and do the further sale. Only 9 left in stock - order soon. mike77 Beiträge: 164 Registriert: … Made a smaller chernobyl ant #10. Ich fische seit Anfang der Saison 2008 häufig mit der Chernobyl Ant und möchte einen Vorteil der CA noch nachtragen: Kleinfische werden nicht gehakt, wohl weil die Gummibeinchen als Abweiser wirken. Alle Bindevideos. These days illegal fishing can be under the cover of sports fishing. Er erkundigte sich nach guten Fliegenmustern für Bachsaiblinge. Trout Fly Assortment - Chernobyl Ant and Foam Body Grasshopper Dry Fly Collection 1 Dozen Flies. Image below shows optional body. Hareline Grizzly Barred Rubber Legs Medium 8,95 € * Art.Nr. This foam ant and hopper fly is great as an indicator with any type of nymph hanging below it. 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