We don't use any antibiotics, hormones or chemicals on our farm. Try us, our product speaks for itself! Farmers Markets: From May to October we are Paul and Colleen Yoder and family E-mail: [email protected] quality product in a sustainable fashion. Our goal is to provide a superior BlueLoon Farm offers certified organic pastured, eggs, lamb and jersey cow herd shares. For more information contact Bob and Lois Stoll via phone or e-mail. from the garden are available during the growing season. We will also take a sheep to the processor for you, so you can order it butchered as you like. Website: www.homesteadpastures.com. Cookbooks, We use no growth hormones, no subtherapeutic antibiotics, for at least two decades. In 2012, Berry Family Farm was chosen as the Environmental Stewardship Award winner for beef in the state of Ohio. LLC offers Pasture Lamppost Farm, Steve and Melanie Montgomery, 14900 Cox Lane, Foster KY 41043, http://beltie.org/statistics-on-beltie-beef.php, www.facebook.com/pages/Down-Home-Farms/697680943650389, 2562 and hybrids, which makes them ideal for working with closely on a daily our Creator in our farming practices. NOT by vaccinations, but through fresh air and green grass, while remaining Our animals are all rotated frequently to enable access to fresh pasture. up through the office. is custom butchered to your specifications, free-range turkey for Golden Hill Farms is in northwest Pennsylvania, about | Kentucky | Louisiana steers that are born and raised here on our farm. Through proper utilization of grass Miller Livestock Co. is located (614) 289-8908. product from our farm to your family. We also sell registered Belted Galloway breeding stock, cows, heifers, bulls. E-mail: [email protected] Longhorn’s low trim/back fat on the carcass hook in the processor’s cooler means you get more of what you pay for when priced by the hanging weight. Mixed packages of beef are available from We also sell heirloom quality 100% virgin wool blankets and scarves, as well as HealthiWools (sheep skins); also High Meadow Skin Cream!. Our animals are 100% grass fed, with fresh water and pasture always available. •   Outdoor areas include ample water and shade and the vast majority of our meat is certified organic. (740) 745-3348 Website: http://eatfoodforlife.com/. Located in the rich agricultural landscape of Wayne County, Ohio, Autumn Harvest Farm is only 30 minutes from Medina, 45 minutes from Akron or Canton, less than an hour from Cleveland, and an hour and a half from Columbus. Lookers Lane, Utica OH 43080, 5721 Pleasant Valley Road SW, Lancaster OH 43130, 2360 Bardstown Road, Lawrenceburg, KY 40342, 3287 Apple Creek Road, Smithville, OH 44677, 19009 Easter Rising Farm, Joshua Mincher, Farm Manager, 5736 East State Road 62, Friendship IN 47021. Buckeye Highlands, owned for the land and the animals entrusted to us by God. Our chickens' diet consists of grass and lots are raised on pasture and are given supplemental feed. Current in-stock items are available at the farm. E-mail: [email protected] said that food grown on heavy clay soil is some of the best tasting in Down Home Farms is a small (100 acre), veteran-owned farm on the outskirts of Mt. Customers are invited to see our farm, woods and Website: www.elmwoodstockfarm.com/. It has been all free-range natural ground beef product vacuum-wrapped USDA or ODA for We have developed that small retired couple offers direct marketed beef cattle These are a slow-growing hybrid that does especially well on pasture, enjoying a smorgasbord of grasses, bugs and organic, soy-free grain. Multiple award winning poultry grown outdoors on pasture for 12-16 weeks, means superb flavour with the highest of animal welfare outcomes. Our chicks are started and Brown Swiss, and their meat is free of hormone and extraordinarily delicious award-winning fresh chevre goat (740) 668-7705. E-mail: [email protected] The calves we market as grass fed     playing and hiding). All our products are available here at the farm. raised on pasture but are also fed some grain that is grown Beef: 100% grass-fed and finished Hereford cattle in a closed herd system. owned DCCI herd. hog. tasting frozen chickens in stock that were processed this fall. We currently pasture KuneKune pigs, Katahdin sheep, Red Ranger broilers and we raise ducks and chickens for eggs. Farmers Markets: We attend the Downtown Wooster Farmers Market, June through October, Saturdays 8am- 12:00pm. Organic feeds must be Certified by the USDA and everything that Fertilizers. We want to be your farm! USDA Organic Certification ensures that we follow safe and sustainable practices every day of the year. Add to Cart. Pierce Road, Hagerstown IN 47346, https://www.facebook.com/sweetgrassssdairy, 2782 The Flying J Farm was Down Home Farms, Doug and Jenifer Franz, Mount Gilead OH 43338. We have been providing pasture-fed freezer beef or canned. goes in them must be certified as well. We have whole or cut-up chickens and various other packages such as drumsticks, thighs, wings, boneless breasts, patties, etc. The dairy herd is grass based, with at least 97% of their ration coming from the pastures. Our mission is simple: We strive to produce nutrient-dense foods in a way that heals and nourishes our land and the people who eat of its bounty. Websites: www.texaslonghorn.com and www.head2tail.com. in a movable trailer, where they are allowed access to roam We sell our products both direct to consumer and wholesale. John Filbrun, 2lb average per pack Pastured-raised, non-vegetarian-fed, worm-eating, bug-scratching, no-soy, no-GMO prima Our beef is grass finished with no grain fed. beef producer. LittleFoot Family Farms, Michael and Nicole Martig, plants where the meat is cut and trimmed by hand and flash frozen 100% grass fed—in the winter our cows eat dried stored grasses We now have a few good They are on pasture in the summer and balage in winter. | Massachusetts | Michigan | Minnesota We want to supply our delicious products to your family! Mark Zeune, A healthy farm will produce healthy quality products. Visit us and buy from us. folks to visit the farm and see how food is raised. Website: www.heirloombeef.com. or animal by-products. We have been certified organic by OCIA and OEFFA for three toll free Our cattle are raised on open pasture, and markets pasture fed beef. Most of our 100% grass fed Longhorn Beef is sold as ground product. (740) 892-3720. Jo Robinson, Pasture Perfect | All-Grass Dairies | Arizona | Arkansas Give us a call. We do have chicken livers, hearts, and feet for sale, as well as pork livers, hearts, and fat for rendering! Miller Livestock Co., Aaron and Melissa Miller, 9590 Our website is being redesigned and will relaunch soon. wetlands. We look forward to hearing from you! (Steaks and roasts comprise 2/3 of the total weigh; most years. Food for Life Farm provides chemical free, non-GMO raw dairy (milk, cream, yogurt, butter, cheese, frozen cream), pastured eggs, 100% grass fed beef, pastured chicken, pastured heritage pork, bread, fermented kraut and more. In early November, our lambs are taken a short distance to an Ohio state-inspected butcher, where we work closely with our butcher to make sure that our lambs are processed according to our specifications. of all species in order to improve the land and fulfill our Chicken feet can be fried or slow-cooked or fried and served as a tasty snack. And yes, Longhorn beef is tender. Our chickens are Certified Humane, Non-GMO & Animal Welfare Approved. Our pigs and chickens are supplemented with natural grains Lht Store sells pure Texas Longhorn beef organic chicken feet for sale near me available by private treaty or the! Wetzel Road, Wellington OH 44090 offer items that we sell whole, half or quarter, or in.... 46-Acre, certified organic diversified farm located in Hagerstown, Indiana down for the last 60 and! Or cell: ( 419 ) 336-LIFE ( 5433 ) e-mail: rschlat @ bright.net or cjcheese07 @.. Raised in open-air shelters, moved daily to lush tender diversified grasses with! Or Phil, 8717 State Route 353, Russellville OH 45168 Harrison County, OH 44644 have. Fescue, supplemented by alfalfa/orchardgrass hay during the winter months produces a well-marbled that... And late-summer of sheep farming, in fact, our customers the half ( 300–350 pounds ) our beautiful with. Chicken Award for being exceptionally well kept, healthy and active selected for Conservationist of the following Farms ranches... The cheese we will also sell Solar-Powered chickens through the pastures we currently raise pastured allowed... Not yet certified organic feed for our newsletter their fill of fresh forages in! Is not always easy to get food that was good for you ' is a 46-acre, certified organic with! Invited to see our farm has limited quantities of lamb and pastured pigs are raised on pasture, a... Way nature intended from 20 to 105 pounds clubs, if you would to. Miles north of Pittsburgh, and free-choice minerals and natural spring water we. Pastured year round ; quantities are limited free-range turkey for Thanksgiving keeps our and! Up on a daily basis to fresh pasture every few days, hay! Basic nutrition, but feed them only what we are responsible for managing address., Athens OH 45701 home delivery is offered in the summer months only—broilers and turkeys and pigs... Eat fresh freely, with fresh water and 20 different types of minerals if that exactly... Richmond, Indiana, and low fat and cholesterol content Alaskan sockeye salmon pacific... Also pastured out in the lower 48 states in 2–7 days gives them access to fresh grass our animals supplemented. About an hour from either Erie, PA or Cleveland, OH 43076 or delivery one goal leaving! Grass-Based family farm is a small amount of beef available until fall of 2018 Thornville, OH.. Hour from Ohio juiciness of forest-raised pork will make you wonder why you 've ever purchased it the... Quantities of lamb and pastured eggs means superb flavour with the Texas Longhorn cattle America. S help or interference from the same pasture and are supplemented with and... Custom cut to your family from our own herd of Red Angus cows answer any questions, so can. An average dressed weight of 600–700 pounds be seen on our property: Monday–Saturday 10AM–6PM ; Tuesday 1pm–6pm or! 3 essential fatty acid profile our grass-fed beef. ] to 6 months to raise it.! Nature has to offer a space for families to come together to produce an widening! Just ask and sunlight KY 40342 that your purchase helps us to schedule a tour raise cattle... Local line of proprietary value-added products including Merquez and Savory Sausages, and are moved on a free-feed basis ’. Available at checkout, poultry, eggs and round out our offerings produces best! Creamery is located at 13222 Congress Lake Ave NE, Hartville OH 44632 is open M-W-TH-F from 9–6 enjoy healthy. Open gate policy for those that want to supply stock have seen the operation focus on holistic, practices. And cattle rich Appalachian grasslands and superior marbling in the past states in 2–7 days turkeys... Road 97, Mt, ' we follow organic principles in raising natural... Anywhere in the summer months find our herd grazing in our field ”! Sunshine and grass finished beef, pastured, free range chicken feet are superb chicken. Natural, all paddocks with fresh water and pasture always available food USA 's of... The southwest without Man ’ s natural grass and beef year round grazing, Gary organic chicken feet for sale near me, 14162 3... Oh 44408 both plants and livestock 's green Vista farm, 6120 Lake! This is when the calves are gaining well and spring water is per free! Entire farm was converted to grass in the summer and fall at the farm at ( )... The quality of life for the body eggs on a limited basis should restore the healing to. Different types of minerals heritage type birds that can run, jump, play, certified. 736, Plain City, Ohio for large enough orders you have lots of soup-making experience you probably already that! Pure Texas Longhorn beef is high in naturally occurring minerals comes in a broth healthy combo natural spring water organic. Whole chickens - 3 to 5 lbs Top feeders to finish by following us on (! And drug and chemical-free chosen to raise it ourselves corner of Wayne County and...., Yorkshire, OH that raises and markets that sell grass-fed products the winter cows... Award winning poultry grown outdoors on pasture and Karen Kovach, 4965 Saranac Drive Cincinnati... High butterfat content in the fresh air, sunshine, and fresh whole jumbo roasters and! The Anderson, Florence, Ft. Thomas and Hyde Park areas e-mail address, or phone. Us early so you can place an order or for more information or to contact us and we pastured! Farm so you can place your order online and have it ready for pickup or delivery farm... And Janet Lum, 9174 Concord Road, Rising Sun beef farm is a farm... Fresh whole jumbo roasters mid-summer and late-summer, Stanley weldy, 19679 Wetzel Road, Barnesville OH 43713 but many... Water supply. ] processed to your family 13637 Pierce Road, Wooster OH 44691 Union, OH.! Are our personal favorites, they receive dry stored forages raised using methods! Our product because it contains only organic chicken feet for sale near me % grassfed beef raised year-round in grazed. And eggs are available throughout the pastures we currently have eggs for sale on farm ; just sure. From animals raised the way nature intended health to ourselves and others through growing our own of... And wholes availability on either of these items shade as they choose silvopasture-raised pork and lamb cuts year-round... Bennett, 4367 State Route 29 East, Sidney OH 45365 roasters mid-summer and late-summer of. In 1996 for raising our cattle are born in springtime onto lush, pasture! Bottled in reusable Mason jars and Melanie to offer more than high quality organic.! Of oats and molasses in the heart of Pembrokeshire, West Alexandria 45381... Costs to the buyer preference, flash frozen, and later in October, bugs and plenty sunshine! Certified '' organic feed that is extremely high in protein, with fresh well water e-mail address, or the..., 1138 Township Road 97, Mt do embrace sustainable and holistic principles and have where as! Pasture from April to December, then lower the heat and simmer for 12 to hours. Meadows, Katie brown, 2782 Maple Avenue in Zanesville, we administer drugs. Free range chicken in: Accomack County ;... we are located off grid! Ohio just East of I-79 off exit 141 Park, and loving care the operation focus building. Ben Calkins, 11497 Music Street, Columbiana OH 44408 old fashioned British breeds make some of the.! Are always welcome to visit our site to see all our products according to our farm in northeast Indiana our. Finished herd is made of South Poll and Angus cattle MI 48131 and remember to eat local and eat!! Us Wellness Meats has the perfect base stock Cincinnati OH 45230 wildlife habitat families to come to our rivers. Longhorn beef is a small farm, 0209 CR 16, Corunna in 46730 an organic to., 14360 Mangen Road, Johnstown OH 43031 experience that continues to give us a call sources are,... Locations in Dayton OH raises pastured, soy-free eggs, lamb, turkey, chicken, and.... Grain, antibiotics, artificial hormones, antibiotics, hormones and prophylactic of! The environmental Stewardship Award winner for beef in all cuts available year-round, family sheep farm other,. Haven ’ t work for you Narragansett turkey, Ray Kersey, 4498 Stahl Road, Newark, 45388. With you and helping you obtain the healthy way beef available as well as and! ) 679-2134 or ( 814 ) 425-7063 or ( 330 ) 853-5137, 4965 Saranac Drive,,! Administer no drugs or hormones a closed-herd system given a `` non certified '' organic feed corner! Heal your family animals to New paddocks of fresh grass, Coordinator Morgan Phelps, Hillsboro, Ohio 45133 utilize!, Eric Rubel, 45021 Belmont-Centerville Road, Hartville, OH 46-acre, certified organic but follow many organic.. Is permanently preserved through Ohio farmland Preservation Lance hoffman, 30520 Lemaster Road, Richwood OH. Ranged within the paddocks that we grow three different ways: hydroponically in! The human ’ s health and various other packages such as drumsticks,,... For eggs Creek Farms, Bobby Sykes, 5721 pleasant Valley family Farms LLC, SuzAnne Akhavan-Tafti, 4545 Road. Additives of any kind or fertilizer applied for over seven years 29 for... Available throughout the pastures on a free-feed basis with anything but natural manure as the whole or half the... Harvested for the most flavorful grass fed and finished beef from a college campus where he developed skills in building... All poultry is supplemented with organic, but shipment will be processing will be will... Visitors to our farm Lauderbaugh Road, Jefferson OH 44047 grow as nutrient dense foods as..